Altofragile is a production agency based in Milan, operating worldwide since 2004. We provide one-stop facilities in the fields of art, design, fashion and architecture. We offer a range of solutions from technical support to external consulting, meeting the needs and requirements of a diverse range of clients, both cultural and commercial, private and institutional.


Artworks and installations:
Planning and production in all materials/sizes
Supervision and installation for galleries, museums and private collections
Restoration, framing, crating and shipping consulting 

Art shows and events:
Coordination and organization
Space design and display setup
Consulting for artwork installation


Altofragile Srl
via Pinturicchio 21
I–20133 Milano
+39 02 36522680
[email protected]

P.I. 08166190960

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Giulia Mainetti
+39 347 0557639
[email protected] 

Lapo Gavioli
+39 340 9443366
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Francesco Rovaldi
+39 348 5824795
[email protected]